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A Message to My New Client…

 As counseling and psychotherapy relationships are more personal than your day-to-day acquaintance relationships with others, please know that I take your well-being to heart and that I will make every effort to have you feel at ease as we begin exploring your life. Also, our sessions together will be kept by me in the strictest of confidence, and I will keep no notes of our conversations. With your permission, I will keep your address, phone number, and your e-mail address on file along with the dates of our meetings. I am required to record our financial transactions for tax purposes.

I will be available to you by cell phone if needed. You may leave a confidential voice mail at any time, and I will return your call at my first opportunity. You may also text or e-mail me. Please know, however, that I am not often immediately available, nor do I have the leisure for more than a quick response.

Lastly, do know that since I limit the number of therapy hours that I make available for sessions, and because I set aside the hour that we agree upon for you, I am unable to use that hour for another therapy client if you find you must cancel on the same day of our session or if you forget your appointment. So, please understand that I will charge you a session fee for an appointment that you are unable to keep if you do not notify me of your cancellation by at least the day prior to our scheduled appointment.

And please… ask any questions that will help you feel more comfortable as we begin our conversations.

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